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Address: 8671 Odlin Crescent, Richmond
Date: November 28th, 2022
Time: 6 pm to 7:30 pm
Snack and Treats are provided!

This Diwali, students and staff shared positive messages focusing on the importance of light, as well as examples of symbolic representation of light in our lives. We shared moments that bring happiness and strategies we use to strengthen our connection with one another. We celebrated the festival with local and authentically made foods, created rangolis, painted clay pots and lit sparklers as we reflected on the triumph of good. Special thanks to Tandori Kona Restaurant, Maharaja Sweets and Golden Samosa Bakery!

Pythagoras Academy teachers were delighted to host our JK Picnic Party, purchased by our generous JK families, from this year’s silent auction. This event took place outdoors and it was full of entertainment, tasty treats, and activities! The students participated in a variety of fun-filled movement games, face painting, snacking, and painting and decorating crafts. The children wrapped up the evening with strawberry shortcake, air-popped popcorn and a movie. A gracious thank you to our teachers and families for making this special event possible!

Our Junior Kindergarten teachers were very pleased to have the opportunity to host a special Mother’s Day Tea event for our lovely JK Moms! This event was hosted outdoors and the weather pleasantly cooperated. The Moms were greeted with a heartfelt message from their talented children and they were then escorted to their seats, for an afternoon of creative events and pampering. We’d like to sincerely thank our PA community for their support and participation in this meaningful event! It was a memorable afternoon, that we were all grateful to have participated in!

Our Junior Kindergarten Kepler class values the importance of social and emotional development. In our classroom we reviewed a variety of activities that we could do when we find ourselves frustrated or angry. The students were asked to select 5 activities that they would use as resources to self-regulate. It was an amazing experience to watch their process through this meaningful activity!

“Roller coaster” is an action song. The JK students show the melodic direction using a stretchy band and responding to high and low, fast and slow, and Fermata with movements. “Icka Backa” is a rhythm reading song to reinforce accent, mi so la, and ta, ti-ti. We also bring the lesson outside and have the children draw the melodic contour of the song with sidewalk chalk. (Author: Jean Huang)

In Math, we are learning about shapes! The children demonstrated recognition skills by building shapes using popsicle sticks. Popsicle sticks are a great hands-on and engaging activity to learn shapes. These colourful popsicle sticks are also a fun way to learn colours. Our Davinci friends were up to the challenge by sticking their shapes together using white glue!

Our JK teachers are proud to present to you, our “Gratitude Tree”. Mr. Edgar and Ms. Leah have the privilege to be enhancing our social/emotional health, by participating in professional training, which teaches educators unique ways to incorporate mindfulness practices into their classroom settings. The intention is to provide our students with a variety of self-regulating “tools”, to manage and understand their feelings and emotions in a healthy and constructive way. Mr. Edgar and Ms. Leah were inspired to create a school presentation that would ideally provide an opportunity for students to pause and reflect on what they may be grateful for. We felt that this colourful display would ignite the students’ interest and encourage them to contribute to our beautiful tree! The children were asked to select a colorful leaf, and then to share their gratitude on the leaf. These leaves will be collected throughout the school, and we are very excited to watch our tree flourish!