Being the Head of School for a day was an item available at the Pythagoras Academy Online Auction, and Sophie Jiang from grade 3 was the lucky winner of this item. On June 7th, 2022, Sophie officially became the Head of School for the entire day! During the course of the day, she was able to experience the daily tasks and have fun as the Head of School. In this role, Sophie got to sit in the Head of School’s office, visit different classrooms to oversee activities, enjoy a special lunch and even give students 5 minutes of extra recess!

Megan Zhao from grade 6 interviewed Sophie, and Sophie reported that she really enjoyed the opportunity of being the Head of School for a day.

If you wish to see how enjoyable and rewarding Sophie’s day was, please watch this video.

A number of students in grades 5-8 at Pythagoras Academy participated in Math Challenge Projects this school year. One of the projects, Refreshing Refreshments by Megan and Harley in grade 6, used their everyday math knowledge and combined it with basic business principles to a surprisingly successful effect. The children had fun and experienced practicing organizational and communication skills, and were inspired to continue exploring the field of mathematics.

In numeracy, grade 4 students have been learning about various geometric shapes and how to classify them. They explored horizontal, vertical, and diagonal line symmetry. In this cross-curricular assignment by Mrs. Yi, students explored line symmetry with art.